Saturday, September 09, 2006

So... the week's over and everything kinda went according to plan.

Monday - I blogged about on Tuesday.
Tuesday - was okay until the last five minutes when I just couldn't run any further... I think I overdid it at the start forgetting that I did some training on Monday (which I just added to my routine)
Thursday - we took things easy
Saturday - My dear jogging/training partner mistakenly stopped the stop watch during the last lap but she said she thought my time was between 30 and 31 minutes, I am hoping it was closer to 30.

Our plan for next week is:

Monday - Run consisting of 6-8x reps of 1 minute hard running, 1 minute walk/jog. Jog 10 minutes before and after for warm up and cool down.
Tuesday - 45 minute easy run.
Thursday - Training.
Saturday - Jog Round the park or a timed 5k run.

Ok, I need to go eat SHARPISH! I had a tiny bowl of cereal before going jogging, then after I had to go sort out my eyebrows, then I washed my hair and it's 2.11pm and I haven't eaten... I am weak and hungry. FOOD TIME :-)


Soul said...

ms Londonbuki...
I've been away for abit and I'm back now, I feel soo sluggish, I haven't jogged in two weeks. and I'm not sure where to start again.. any useful pointers?

LondonBuki said...

Hi Ms Soul... Hope you had a good time.

I think you should just go out for a really easy jog... no challenges, no working on your pace, etc...

Good Luck :-)

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