Nike Run London 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I just had a LONG nap, I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow!

I sent a text to my friend just now, saying I did it in 1 MINUTE 8 SECONDS... LOL! Because I am Flash Gordon Right?

I got a text with my Time, it was 1HOUR 8MINUTES 14SECONDS, my friend and running mate did it in 1HOUR 8MINUTES 57SECONDS.

Our friends were trying to take a picture of me BUT apparently, I 'flew' past them cos it was the last 200m to the finish... LOL!!! I always do a sprint finish oh... when I see the finish, I just reach for the little bit of adrenaline left and RUN!!!

I just have to say Well Done to my Friend Miss Y cos she had a cold and she finished in good time.

I have to admit I was far far away from my target... my initial target was 1hour.... then as I started training, my aim was to finish as close to 50minutes as possible.

My friend who came to watch made me feel better by saying I LOST SOME TIME because of manouvering around people that were walking or running slower than was... the max amount of time I will take off because of all that will be 3minutes... I will not lie to myself.

Let me give a brief rundown of the race...

Over 7 thousand of us took part in the 12.45 race... my friend and I were probably in the middle of the long queue to start so we did not start running until almost 4/5 minutes into the race.... and even when we started, we had to get into the race for about another 500m... it was packed...

1km - It felt like it took ages to get here... Let me confess, my heart was pounding so fast... I was so nervous and excited... I didn't expect that!!! Because of my rapid heart rate, I was breathing erratically (LOL!!!)

2km - I was just getting into the race
3km-4km - starting to enjoy the race... feeling like a runner as I overtook people BUT then we got to an unexpected slope and I ran too fast there so I got tired for a while. I slowed down my pace.
5-8km - Caught my breath....Picked up and kept a steady Pace
8-9km - Checked my watch and saw I had missed out on 50 minutes :-(
9km - I picked up my pace a little bit
9.7km - The sprinting began ALL THE WAY TO THE FINISH!!!!

I'll be honest with you, I was disappointed that I did not do it in less than an hour BUT there are other races out there innit?

Thank you so much for your support, I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate it. I honestly thought about the support I have gotten so far from blogville as I was running today and that really pushed me to make sure I DID NOT STOP!

Have a blessed week.

I'll be signing up for another race soon :-)


TP said...

Congrats girl!! You went all the way, and you reached the finish line. If I had to do it, I might take 4 hours.... Well done.

Vera Ezimora said...

London Bukki, gal you did a good job. I wouldn't even dare it sef. One time I signed up for some Cancer Run thing, but I chickened out. I didn't train @ all...not even one extra step did I climb.

And if I were in ur place, here's wat would have happened: since you said you were like in the middle (so u had 2 run for a while b4 even reachin the starting point), it is @ that starting point I woulda finished.... that's if I even get 2 that startin point o!

LondonBuki said...

Thanks TP and Vera... I am going to sleep very soon and I pray I will be able to get out of bed in the morning ON TIME...

LOL @ VERA!!! You are too funny!
TP, 4 hours is too long dear... lol! I have faith in you... you can do much better than that...

Thanks so much Girls :-)

Biodun said...

Goodjob girl, glad u finished the race even though u didnt meet ur target time, like u said there r other races, I will start jogging this week, he he n see where that takes me!

Calabar Gal said...

Well Done gal!! 68minutes was a very good time in my estimate.

Anonymous said...

Congrats girl!! 1 hour... dang! you meant business eh?!

Vickii said...

Disappointed in what??? You finished a 10k race in a quarter of the time I would have done it in (on a really good day), you should be proud! Well done girl!Please let me know when you sign up for the next race I'm interested!

I went running on saturday and will go tonight or tomorrow morning!

Anonymous said...

Well done! I was there yesterday and I struggled with a cold and it was horrible, until the last 1k when I decided to pelt it and overtook everyone and then nearly died.

Truth be told, you did it in a very admirable time and if you aren't happy with it - do it again next year!

Oh, and just one small point - the t-shirts we were given were the most abbrasive things ever. I finished with big streaks of blood down my front from my chaffed nipples, that's never happened before!

LondonBuki said...

@Biodun Thank you. Yes, there are other races and I am about to sign up for them today :-)
@CalabarGal Thank you very much :-)
@Belle Thanks gal, I thought I meant business oh until the race refused to end! LOL!!!
@1982 Thank you :-) I am about to sign up for a 10k race on the 3rd of December and also a 5k race in November... interested in either?
Well done! Run tonight... the weather looks good, for now.
@ANON Awww... I actually have a cold today, thank God after the race.
I will definitely do it again next year and will shave off a large chunk of time. I am signing up for two more races this year.
OUCH!!! That's why people put plasters on their nipples to avoid chaffing... Hope you and your nipples feel better today!

Vickii said...

Tell me details, when are the races? In aid of what? What are the entry fees? I'm definitely interested!

LondonBuki said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LondonBuki said...

just signed up for a 10k race in Regent's Park on the 3rd of December... The 5k I wanna sign up for is on a Friday :-( - 27th October... I don't know if I'm doing it cos my friend's not sure if she can take time off... I already have that whole week off...

You can find these races on

NaijaBloke said...

Congrats Gurl..Nice one .. who born me make I try running that much ..
Am signing u up for a 15km race in Nigeria ..LOL

LondonBuki said...

Thank you! LOL!

Signing who up for what? If you run, I will run! LOL!!!

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