Friday, November 03, 2006

I went jogging yesterday and for some reason, the muscles in my a** hurt... That's a good thing I guess :-)

I will go jogging tomorrow and I will put up my times...

I have to buy warm running stuff... long running bottoms and a zip up top... Will do that today.

Enjoy your weekend :-)

P.S. Thanks 1982, I feel better now :-) How are you? How has your jogging been going?


Vickii said...

I like it when my muscles hurt ... it makes me feel like I've been working hard! Well done!

I went on Tuesday and again today ... I would have gone more but some stuff came up which meant I wasn't in london. How sad is it that I'm really excited that it's not going to rain the first half of next week so I can go jogging??? This is your fault but my shrinking hips thank you!

Looking forward to seeing your times tomorrow!

LondonBuki said...


I feel like my a** is getting firmly rounded.. LOL!!!

1982, you sound like me! It's good we are not letting the cold weather stop us!
I don't mind you blaming me!!! :-) Knowing you are going jogging motivates me not to slack.

My times will be here! :-)

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