Saturday's Run Round The Park

Saturday, November 04, 2006

It was FREEZING cold this morning... 4 degrees C. I wore a couple of layers and a zip up warm top. I warmed up after a little while and then tied the zip up top round my waist. It wasn't too bad a run... I would like for my times to be less than 15 minutes, each lap, before the race...

Last week's times are in brackets(orange).

1st lap: 15min 03sec (15min 42sec)
2nd lap:15min 30sec (15min 05sec)
3rd lap: 15min 35sec (15min 38sec)
4th lap: 15min 00sec (15min 07sec)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)


ToyinE said...

GIRLLL your times are just getting better and better.... im trying to keep up o:) Anyways, its 4 degrees over there??? U wont believe how cold it is in Canada - yesterday was a high of -6C and today we were lucky at 2C (the high)!!! Once the weather is minus anything, any kind of exercise is out of the question... its all about staying indoors in the warmth but i went jogging this morning. Iwas actually jogging well o, and i had my ipod with my naija musiK and i was GOOD. I ran for about 15 or 20 mins on the hard track and did an additional 10 minutes on the treadmill. Meanwhile how do you track your times?? Do you have a pedometer or whatever its called and also do you stop after each lap or you do it all one time??? Me i have to stop for now but after a while i got into a groove today that once i stopped running, i now started finding it hard to breathe :)
On another note, please who knows how to help with ipod errors?? Mine does not accept all the songs in my stops at song 100 saying there's an error on toyin's ipod and i have a 30gb one.

LondonBuki said...

:-) I hope they continue that way o!
I have heard Canada gets really cold... pele.
I have a stop watch and I am soon gonna invest in one I can wear on my wrist. My pedometer is a nonsense one.. it only tracks the distance run and the total time...

I don't stop running, I just keep on going... BUT running for 20 minutes straight when you are just getting back into running is VERY GOOD. Well Done and Keep it up :-)

As for Ipods, I don't like them... Apple products are annoying (to me). I'll ask one of my friends who have Ipods about it and let you know :-)

Vickii said...

Well done hun! You are right it is freezing at the moment and while your body warms up, my ears and fingers always remain cold!

Well done on your times ... I'm very impressed! I haven't been jogging in a few days but I'm hoping to go at least three times this week!

I'm with you as being anti -ipod, my stupid ipod stopped holding a charge after a few months, ipod replaced it and the same thing happened after another few months!! Any suggestions for good mp3 players?

@ Toyine, well done for running 35 minutes ... I've been jogging for over a month and I still struggle to do that at a stretch!

LondonBuki said...

Thanks babe :-) I think you should get gloves for running, I saw some people with gloves and I was laughing at them until my fingers felt like the were about to fall off! LOL!!!

I should be doing a Fartlek tomorrow morning... and then a normal jog on Thursday. You went jogging a couple of days last week, right? You are doing well :-)

I think you should get a Sony, they've been doing personal music players for years... walkman, discman, minidiscman... you know what I mean?

Right now, I have a cheap Goodman's one and I will invest in a Sony one soon.

ToyinE said...

noooh i didnt run 35 minutes straight ooo.... i ran like the 15/20 mins with a walking break and then the additional 10 on the treadmill was after like 15 mins later, i didnt feel like the initial run was enough and now im sore. I need some stretches cos my thighs are hurting. ahhh u guys dont like ipods?? Mine is ok, i just need to figure out to download movies on it then i'll be good :)

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