Mid Week Run

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I went running yesterday morning... before doing that, I went to thread my eyebrows... My dear 'eyebrow threader' (LOL!) told me my face was leaner, am I on a diet? LOL!!! Being a woman, I was happy to hear I looked slimmer, I am not on a diet, I don't really bother myself with that anymore... I just run, run and run some more. Ofcourse, I eat often and moderate amounts.

I jogged round the Park three times yesterday and again, my ass muscles are a bit tender. As long as my ass doesn't get rock hard oh... for now, it's fine :-)

I will be doing a 'Friday Fartlek' tomorrow morning... There is this DEADLY hill in the park, it takes me about 2 minutes to struggle up it when I am running round the park and when I am done, I so so want to stop BUT I don't. Tomorrow, I will run HARD up the hill and jog/walk back down the hill 10 TIMES! Watch this space...


Vickii said...

Hi hun, nice to know you haven't been slacking because I was going to give you till today to write something, otherwise I'd have been on your case!!! Don't you just love it when people ask you if you've lost weight!

Good luck with your Friday Fartlek, it sounds hard, let us know how you do!

I've only been jogging once this week but I intend to go tonight and tomorrow. You need to post the fartleks for me soon because I'm on week 5 of the program!

Hope you're well and don't forget to post your saturday times!


LondonBuki said...

Hey babe, how are u?

LOL!!! Thank God I put something up today :-) I LOVE it! 'Have you lost some weight?', I'm like, 'Have I, Have I???' LOL!!!

I will put up a post about my Fartlek tomorrow...

I'll also put a post up about Fartleks, you can do them just once a week... you are on week 5 already? Wow!!!

I am good thank you and after reading your comment today, I will not even try to forget to post my Saturday times! They will be hear unfailingly MA! :-)

ToyinE said...

LB, i know right, i come here religiously to check your updates so you cannot be disappointing! I have to go to 1982's blog and read too. Anyways, me too ive only bene jogging once this week on Tuesday and i ran 30 mins non-stop. It was like i was possessed :) will try to repeat again this week but timing wise is horrible cos im moving house on friday so yest nite and today and tomorrow is packing and moving day. I"ll try for Friday nite or Sat morning. Meanwhile, Buki - what time do you have to be at work that youre able to jog in the mornings??? Girl cos im barely up at 6.30, have to be at work for 8 so no morning runs for me man!

Vickii said...

Well done Toyinne for running 30 minutes without stopping ... that is still a struggle for me!

Calabar Gal said...

Eyebrow Threading Hmmn? I need to do domething about mine too. They are getting way too bushy!!

You are dedicated in ur running. I doff my aht or is it cap to you.

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