Saturday's Run Round The Park

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Today was much better than last week but that second lap is annoying!!!

I went jogging at 2pm today 'cos I was at FoL(church) yesterday till this morning.

1st lap: 15min 00sec (15min 05sec)
2nd lap: 15min 56sec (15min 40sec)
3rd lap: 15min 12sec (16min 30sec)
4th lap: 14min 56sec (14min 57sec)

I locked myself out of my room... I can't even begin to explain how this happened! I have to wait for my landlord to come to give me a spare key.... BUT he is way way outside London right now!!!

Lovely start to my weekend innit?


Vickii said...

lol I hope you didn't have to wait too long for your landlord! Great times this week ... plus you did 4 laps, well done!

Hope you had a really good weekend ... looking forward to your mummy monday post tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Thanks u guys (vicki, toyine and buki for ur comments, i have been out of town 4 a week sorry i'm relpying soo late,.... i had too much to eat over d thanksgiving break so i am back 2 square one:), but i shall be trying out ur advise starting tommorow!!!
Thanks again pple!!

LondonBuki said...

@Vickii I waited long oh! I decided to go to my friend's house to wait. Thanks, weekend's over already!

Have a nice week!

@FlyGirl We(Speaking for the 'girls') are glad to help :-)

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