Saturday's Run Round The Park

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I went running round the park today :-)

I ended up going three times, as planned... :-)

I went with two of my friends... The hills, the slopes... I felt like I was coming back to a LONG LOST FRIEND... NOT! LOL!!!
I timed myself the first time round - 16 mins. I wasn't too happy with this time so I decided not to time myself anymore. I know the time wasn't too bad compared to my times in the past BUT I just wasn't too happy with it so I decided not to. And then I thought maybe I should time myself, started the stopwatch and forgot to check my time until I was on my way home! LOL!!!!
Right at the end of my run, my friend started cheering me on and I SPRINTED to the end... FUN!!!!

I felt really good about the run today, I really did.

Oh, I registered for the Sue Ryder Care 'Beat The Baton' race this morning... and another friend did as well... So who else is up for it? Vickii (I know you are! REGISTER NOW!!!)? Coral?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)


Vickii said...

Well done on your run round the park!!! I have to confess that I only went running once last week ... I seriously can't justify it. I felt better by the weekend and had the opportunity to but I just didn't!

I have to be better this week! I'm looking forward to saturday though and I'll register for beat the baton as well!

LondonBuki said...

Thank you! Good to know you feel better now... :-)

You had BETTER go jogging this week! No excuses! LOL!!!

See ya Saturday! And good to know you are registering too :-)

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