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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Before I start... Vickii, have you gone running yet? And Toyin, haven't heard from you in a while... how's it going?

Everyone else, WHAT'S UP?

I just got back from a close to 40 minute run :-) It wasn't a problem at all!

Looks like I'm still fit... so on Saturday, I think I will run round the park 3 times. Ofcourse, I will put up a post shortly after that, those hills in the Park!!! LOL! I am not looking forward to them AT ALL!

How's it going with you guys?


Vickii said...

Why are you picking on me??? Lol, I went for a 30 minute run before work yesterday and I had every intention of going today but I'm not feeling great, think I may be coming down with something too but I'm praying I don't!

Well done you, two days going and 40 mins! I'm very impressed! Are you looking forward to our first 5k next saturday?

Toyine, what's up?

LondonBuki said...


Pele... Please DON'T even think about running while you are feeling a little ill, like you've said REST your body and you'll feel better before you know it...

Thank you :-) I hope I run three times round the park tomorrow, I am even shy to time myself cos I am sure my times will be terrible!

Yes I am looking forward to the race... please be warned, I might jog S-L-O-W-L-Y oh! I don't know how ready I am for a 5k... EXCUSES, right? LOL!!!

Vickii said...

I determined not to get ill ... I can't afford to at the moment!

Good luck tomorrow, I think you'll be surprised that your times will not be as slow as you think they'll be. You don't seem to have lost your form so you'll be cool.

The 5k races are supposed to be practice so we shouldn't worry about being slow ... as long as we improve from one race to the next. And you've done a 40 minute run, that's definitely at least 5k so you'll be fine!

Have a really great weekend!

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