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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

This is on my sidebar... My plan is to try this out this evening. Trust me - I'll be back to blog about it... Vickii, I thought I'd try this out today since I have decided to train on Tuesdays, I thought it'd take LONG but it looks like it won't take more than 30 minutes.

I ate well yesterday. I had cornflakes for breakfast, 2 chicken and lettuce sandwiches(wholemeal rolls) and roast potatoes and chicken(trust me, this was nicely seasoned... I boiled the potatoes for a short while in chicken stock, then I roasted them) for dinner. I snacked in between, OFCOURSE.
Today I had muesli for breakfast, same lunch as Monday... I'll have my dinner at 5, right before I leave work... I've had a couple of bananas and a carrot... I have another carrot in my bag :-)... I am not seeing Mummy today(Tues and Thurs, while I'm on the client site)... I'll go straight home and try the Boot Camp out:

Warm Up- Jog 500m
Squats - TEN
Sprint - Do TEN long strides and then rest for 20 slow jogging strides, repeat this FIVE times
Press-Ups - Place your hands on a bench and do as many as you can in up to one minute
Jog - FIVE minutes
Squats - TWENTY
Triceps dips - reach behind you and place your arms on a park bench, then lower your body to the ground. Do this until your muscles can't take any more
Sprint - as above
Press-ups - as above plus five more than last time
Dips - as above
Squats - TWENTY
Jog - FIVE minutes and then walk last 300m


Bluntremi said...

Great work out - SERIOUSLY!!

I have a few suggestions though that I got from my former trainer regarding carbs.

Try Sweet Potato(baked or microwaved ) as they have more "good" carbs as opposed to the regular potatoes :)

Also Oats are great breakfast meals, add raisins and cinnamon and it will take on a whole new life from the old naija oats o!!
Yoghurt (not the tiny ones o, as that wont fill you up at all) Get a big tub of your favorite one and get all the nuts that you like, granola and also can replace a meal or act like a snack :)

I have tons more - but I will wait to be asked - I don poke nose enough!!

Have a great weekend!!

Bluntremi said...

I read some more and realized you know exactly what youre doing!!!

My apologies :(

LondonBuki said...

@BluntRemi Thanks for stopping by...

and Thank you for the sweet potato info! I didn't know that and the yoghurt idea with nuts added - I love that.

I'll leave a comment on your blog cos I need more and more suggestions. I am going to do a 21 day challenge that also includes healthy eating.

Thank you.

Bluntremi said...

Hope you had a great weekend :)

Let me see what I else might possibly help you...

Almost all of our food is high in Carbs, so I refrain from eating them at night(we all know mistakes do happen) If you must eat iyan etc then do it during the day...It its uber heavy and will sit in yoiur stomach for awhile, the goal has to be to keep your stomach as light as possible.

change most of your grains to brown as opposed to white. Brown rice (just not for Jollof o as that will spoil it for you, just when youre eating it with stew).
Bread , move to multi grain - cant remember the options that are available in London, but i know we all tend to want the sweet bread which unfortunately isnt the healthiest!

For your pasta, choose either whole wheat pasta or spinach pasta they are healthier than the white .

Eating several light meals a day will hellp you more than 3 heavy ones. Just keep your snacks healthy ones like carrots, nuts - basically any veg or fruit that you like.

Hope this helps you a bit - good luck and have a great week!

LondonBuki said...

Thank you and Have a FAB week!

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