Saturday's Run Round The Park

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Right now I am waiting for my conditioner to set in... I washed my hair and I have to leave it in for 20 minutes.

I went running round the park today, OFCOURSE! It was good!

At one point, I was not sure if I'd been round 3 or 4 times, so I decided to go round one more time. I saw F, and she told me I must have been round 4 times already because I'd been running for an hour... I said I wasn't too sure but I'd go round again.

When I got to the hill, I realised that YES I HAD BEEN ROUND 4 times already! Because the hill felt like a mountain, it was hard... I finished that lap in over 14 minutes.

So... I went round the park FIVE times today! Without even meaning to! LOL!!! First time EVER!

Onada, make sure you keep up with the running! Vickii, what's up? ToyinE, where are you o! We miss you! Waffy, how far? Anyone reading this... hope you are doing good... :-)

I'm gonna get to my Mummy a little late today! I'll leave home within an hour. Oh well, I'll make it up tomorrow - Mother's Day!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Vickii said...

Well done Buki! 5 times! It doesn't matter how or why it happened, all that matters is that you ran round that park 5 times!

I did another 1hr 21 minute run around regents park this time. Problem is I've only run twice so far and I was intending to go tomorrow but it looks like there'll be gail force winds! I'll try and go though, I don't want to ruin my good record of the last couple of weeks.

Calabar Gal said...

5 times and still rearing to go!!! Girl, you are getting to used to that park and need new territory. LOL!!

@vickii: well done too. I can hear the Flora marathon calling you both: Come, come, buki & vickii, come!! LOL!!

LondonBuki said...

@Vickii Thank you. When you come running at the park, we'll try 5/6 times...?

I'll come join you at regents park soon. Let me see if I can keep up with you for that long...

Did u go yesterday?

@CG LOL! I'll go to Regents Park soon and look for other parks...

Flora marathon ke??? Ha!!! Thanks for the vote of confidence o!

How's it going with you running CG?

Vickii said...

@Calabar Girl, flora marathon ke flora marathon ni??? You'd have to come and scrape me off the floor about halfway through! Actually, that's one of my aims ... just once, so I can say I did a marathon. How is your running coming along?

@Buki, 5/6 times??? Are you guys trying to kill me? Come to regents park, it's very pretty and really nice to run in!

LondonBuki said...


Yeah I should come to Regents Park, tell me when next you're going...

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