Sunday's Short Run...

Monday, March 19, 2007

... AGAIN didn't happen.

I was going to cheat and run this morning... why did I just step ouside and within seconds, I felt sumink like a small pebble hit my head... then another! I looked around me - HAILstones oh!

So I am about to do an indoors work out will edit this post later.

UPDATE: Ok, the sun is shining again, I'll go for my 20 minute run. I'll be back.

Just got back, sweating like a hog because it's so sunny out there! It was a 20 minute run at a slow steay pace.... I am happy I went. Have a nice week all!


Vickii said...

You went on sunday? I'm very impressed, you went four times last week! I didn't go and I don't have an excuse because it really wasn't that windy when I woke up! I've ruined my good streak!

I'll try and make up for it this week though.

Vickii said...

So what did we decide about the challenge? Before or after easter?

LondonBuki said...

Vickii I did not go on Sunday! LOL!!! I went this morning, I was TIRED and wasn't in the mood.

After Easter...?

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