Thursday's Training

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Can I just say WOW!!! Vickii, this was INTENSE! Well done you! Thank you for telling me about this endurance training, I feel good right now! I was sweating buckets!!!

I spent 35 minutes doing this:

4o step ups(right leg)
40 step ups(left leg)
5 extra on a higher step for each leg
Ran round my block once (1 lap)
20 squats
1 lap
20 lunges
1 lap
20 squats
1 lap
20 lunges
1 lap
40 squats
1 lap
40 lunges
20 steps(right leg)
20 steps(left leg)


This was really really GOOD! Vickii, did I get it right? I don't have any hills near my house, the park is DARK and scary at this time.

I'm going to take a shower and have a huge mug of Milo and Marie biscuits :-)


Vickii said...

That sounds great! I bet you're feeling it today! It doesn't matter if you don't have a hill, it's the mix of cardio and resistance exercises that's important. Did you enjoy it? I really enjoy it because you're not doing the same thing for too long so you can really focus!

Well done!

LondonBuki said...

Yeah I am feeling it, I can't wait to get into my bed tonight and SLEEP!

I really enjoyed it cos I kept changing what I was doing!

Did you go running yesterday?

Ummm... Vickii, you know Easter is April 6th - 9th. Do you eat junk Easter time?

Should we start the 21 day challenge after Easter?

Vickii said...

I don't mind us starting after easter at all because there is lots of chocolate with my name on it waiting to be eaten. But you know the challenge, doesn't it just mean you should eat 4-5 portions of fresh food a day, not that you can only eat fresh food? Lol, because I don't think I can hack eating just 'fresh food' for 21 days?

bola said...


Onada said...

that my comment as Bola just before by the way! send me an email so i can forward you my jamaica pictures.
i woke up at 6am yesterday for the FIRST time and went running!!! will do it again tomorrow sunday.i'm getting there :)

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