Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So far, those taking part are:
Fluffy Cute Thing
Ms Zee

Anyone else interested?


I am going to buy dumbells and leg weights from Argos today or tomorrow.

I checked the internet for Dumbell exercises and I found THIS.

I haven't worked out a plan yet but...
Tomorrow - Will be some kinda training (Interval, The "V", Fartlek or something along those lines)
Friday - Dumbell training
I know I will be running on Saturday AND Sunday. Vickii, you are in London this weekend right? If you are, I'll be running with you (10k on Saturday, 5k on Sunday).

Tomorrow(this will be flexible, as long as I eat FRESH food in five portions, I should be fine):
Breakfast: Cereal with some fruit.
Mid morning snack: I'll have a fruit salad at 11(ish) - I'll make it myself.
Lunch: Potato Efo :-)
Snack: A BIG FAT Banana
Dinner: Boiled Plantain, chicken and vegetables

Anyone have suggestions - Exercise? Food?
**REMEMBER: Try to drink at least 2 litres of water each day at regular intervals not all in one go. Try not to drink hot chocolate (only if you grow the coacoa in your back garden! LOL!!), coffee or tea (you can have herbal and green tea)**


Waffarian said...

Normally I eat sallads but for dinner I have chicken. Chicken file in the oven for about 50 mins, its very easy just put the spices you want and dump it in. no need to do anything, I do the same with fish file(salmon 20mins), I mormally have cooked vegetables with it. Brocolli,carrots, cauliflowers, peas, etc. For snacks, I eat lots of red apples, they are sweet and satisfy the sweet tooth, or fresh orange juice.

Waffarian said...

i meant when i am not eating sallads........

Waffarian said...

filet, lapses in languages today

Vickii said...

Waffy, you seem to have really healthy eating habits... well done!

Buki - I'm looking forward to it actually ... especially the running this weekend since the weather is going to be so nice and hot! Yes I'm in London so definitely running 10k on saturday and 5k on sunday.

I'm planning to do the V tomorrow, my dance video on Friday and the run with you saturday and sunday. I need to buy my dumbells and leg weights too!

I've started having loads of fruit from yesterday and cooking with lots of veg. My big challenge will be the no caffeine and no alcohol. I don't drink a lot but I do have the occasional cocktail or vodka and diet coke on the weekend. And no tea ... I'll have to stock up on herbal teas.

LondonBuki said...

@Waffy You already have good eating habits... make sure you share them with us here :-)

@Vickii Same here... I started having fruits and veg yesterday. I boiled some broccoli and sprouts yesterday and I had 2 apples as well.
I have had an apple today and more fruit to come...
I'll most probably do the V tomorrow. Running will be fun this weekend :-)
Where are you getting your weights from...? I am getting mine from Argos.
Looks like I am going to be having a lot of green tea...

Ms zee said...

I have a huge bowl of yoghurt in the morning cos my digestive system is very slow followed by a huge glass of cranberry juice with 5 tblspoons of swedish bitters (Old habit I picked up from granny)

12noon : protein salad (fish , chicken or beef salad I make it myself absolutely no Mayo, If i need a topping, i put I teaspoon of olive oil or palm oil (epo) it contains all the good choloesterol needed to burn fat..

3pm: half a bowl of cereal and 0.5pint of berries or any fruit would do

7pm dinner : for me loads of starch and protein from 7tbs of rice to 5 potatoes whole with veggies and loads of protein.. I love protein, i cant do without fish or meat or anyform of protein....

11pm a light snack : FRUIT....

It does work foe me....

Ms zee said...

can you explain the 21day challenge to me in detail? please send a mail.. I am interested..I already have a food plan and exercise plan.. I am going swimming today 1mile.. so no running today plus I have dull pain in my ankle, I fell over a small bridge this weekend and the chiropractor wants to monitor it...

LondonBuki said...

@Ms Zee Your eating looks good to me... food needs to be fresh for this challenge. No pre-packaged stuff... no canned stuff.
I will email you later today...
I'll be checking out your other blog for updates from tomorrow.

I've added your name to the list of people taking part.

Waffarian said...

Buki!!!!!!you will not kill me! Just got back from my first jogging!yipeee! I am so proud of myself but oh girl.....It was so.........tough, I have been walking everyday now so I really thought I would be prepared, men........It really caught me by surprise, much more harder than I expected, run 1 min, rest 1min, 10 times, I thought piece of cake, after all I am already walking 30 mins, oh girl! I suffered! Now, i really feel proud of myself, I was so scared of jogging, don't ask me why! I am so happy, I have actually started!

mochafella said...

You might consider a smoothie.

A banana, a mango, strawberries and orange juice. Blend together. You can experiment with different fruits, I usually cheat and add some yoghurt. You can replace one of the main meals with it.

low said...

One word... Fibre....good luck sweetie

Calabar Gal said...

@waffarian: I was wondering what chicken and fish files wer. LOL!!
Well done on ur jogging.

Calabar Gal said...

Dumbells - i have been planning to buy for like ever!! Maybe I finally will this month. Off to read up on what this 21 day challenge is all about in ur previous posts.

LondonBuki said...

@Mochafella Thank you - my friend has mentioned smoothies to me so many times. Looks like I will try it out for dinner soon.
Please kee your inputs coming... :-)

@Low Thank you :-) If you have any more suggestions, please let me know.

@CG LOL @ Waffy! I will be getting my dumbells during my lunch break today or tomorrow after work.

ToyinE said...

hey guys!! Im interested!!! but i cant skip the coffee - it keeps me awake in d mornings and ive lagged big time on my jogging so i need to start over pretty much. LB, i asked kappa for ur email addy to email u and the odensco forgot or something. Anywyas count me in from tmorrow or something

LondonBuki said...

@ToyinE THANK GOD!!! I missed you oh.
My email is my FULL first name
I'll add you to the list of participants.
You are addicted to coffee? Why don't you try NOT to take it? TRY!

Welcome back!

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