Saturday, April 14, 2007

1. I ate really early today, immediately after I got back from church(Over night service), I ate my breakfast (muesli) @ 7am.
2. Snack - After running today, I had a banana and I have had a handful of grapes and some strawberries
3. Lunch - potatoes, chicken and broccoli. I will eat rice tomorrow, miss it!
4. Snack - More grapes and strawberries. Half a carrot.
5. Dinner - I had a subway sub with chicken and bacon. NO dressing, no sauce just tomatoes and cucumbers. I still had a busy(ish) evening ahead of me and I think I should have eaten more... anyway I ate some rice when I got home(I was too hungry!).

Exercise - I got to the park LATE and I can't apologise enough to Vickii. So... I suggested we do a 5k today and 10k tomorrow instead of the other way round.
It was really good but really hard cos we did try to run harder than normal, I felt it all the way through... our time was 31 minutes 27seconds. That's my best 5k time so far... :-)

Ok, gotta go... enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)


Ms zee said...

I have a paper this morning and I also a sore throat..

woke up at 4am for my morning run... did 1 mile that is 12 laps round the varsity field and went into the sauna for 30mins.

I had 2 huge bowl of oats and fruit(1/2 pint of strawberriws, 2 whole peaches halfed and diced pineapples)

it is 11:37am now, I had to have a small coffee.. I feel sleepy and my fianl is at 2pm.. I will run another mile tonight to make up for it [guilty look]

LondonBuki said...

I hope your paper went well... I am sure it did!

wow... 4am? I don't blame you for having some coffee... pele.

well done...

Waffarian said...

Hi dear! For breakfast, I had eggs and then I had a big bowl of sallad for lunch/dinner. For my exercise, I rode my bicycle uphill.I just made the best sallad ever! have to share. Here's the recipe: Cucuber, tomatoes, corn, ham(in strips), cheese(in strips), iceberg lettuce (normal sallad), and slices of pineapple! It was so good, did not need any dressing at all!

Soul said...

Welldone guys!
Keep it up! I'm rooting for all of you :D
oh and please share more recipies

Calabar Gal said...

You guys are doing 12 laps (ms zee)and 5km (buki n vickii) and I am congratulating myself on running 2 laps round the park only. (smile)

Glad you went for the festival of light.

LondonBuki said...

@Waffy I think I am goinmg to try that out!
Well done...

@Soul Thank you :-)
Okay madam...

@CG Well done!!!! :-)

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