Sunday, April 15, 2007

1. I had Fruit and Fibre for Breakfast.
2. Snack - An apple and a banana after our run in the park.
3. Rice, chicken and broccoli for Lunch.
4. Snack - will have this after dinner
5. Dinner - A large bowl of Strawberries, Grapes and Two Oranges. My eggs are about to expire so I will boil two...

- Vickii and I ran 10k round the park. It was H-O-T today! We had to stop during the 2nd and Third Lap to get some water from the fountain in the park... luckily it was on our route. We ran in 1hour 11minutes... We were both tired, the heat was a huge factor.

**REMEMBER: Eat FIVE times a day... Snack in between meals. Don't go too long without eating something. Try to drink at least 2 litres of water each day at regular intervals not all in one go. Try not to drink hot chocolate (only if you grow the cocoa in your back garden! LOL!!), coffee or tea (you can have herbal and green tea)**


Vickii said...

I'm still recovering from today!!! I'm having fruit for dinner too ... plums and tangerines!

I hope the challenge goes well this week!

LondonBuki said...

I totally totally feel you!

I am so tired... got back from my Mum and I have been on the couch... I haven't washed my hair yet! I have to get up soon!

I hope it goes well too this week.

Ms zee said...

i messed up the challenge but I'll start again... I was sick sick sick all day, runny nose, silly sore thorat and my sister wont get out of my hair..... lord help..

I had fluids all day (lemon tea, little fruit and for dinner I had toast with loads of jam)and all that nasty cold medication.... no exercise today...

Tomorrow should be good...

LondonBuki said...

Ms Zee... Pele o... hope you feel better!
Ofcourse no exercise till you feel you are up to it.
Take care of yourself and thanks for checking in.

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