Wednesday, April 18, 2007


** You can snack on whatever you want as long as it's fresh food. I've chosen to have fruit and veg because I want to have as close to 5 portions of fruit and veg a day**

1. Breakfast - Fruit and Fibre and a Banana
2. Snack - Carrots and Cucumber all cut up.
3. Lunch - Rice(with carrots and prawns) and chicken
4. Snack - An Apple and an Orange
5. Dinner - Roast plantain.

Exercise - Was supposed to be The V BUT I pulled a couple of muscles in my buttcheeks because of powerwalking with weights (now I know how to work those muscles... ouch). So I walked home from the station (normally take the bus) and I did some dumbell exercises and sit ups.

**REMEMBER: Eat FIVE times a day... Snack in between meals. Don't go too long without eating something. Try to drink at least 2 litres of water each day at regular intervals not all in one go. Try not to drink hot chocolate (only if you grow the cocoa in your back garden! LOL!!), coffee or tea (you can have herbal and green tea)**


dolly said...


Buki Pls why should I Eat FIVE times a day

LondonBuki said...

That's part of the challenge... you need to eat often.

Waffarian said...

Hi girls, today is going well, for breakfast I had eggs and cooked plantain, (it was huge, but i was so hungry!), for snacks, I had an apple, for lunch, the left overs from breakfast, for dinner, I am going to eat beans. My exercise: run 3 mins, walk 3 mins, do 4 times. Hhehheheeheh I am up to 3 mins! eheheheh

LondonBuki said...

Well done Waffy... I give you less than a month, you'll be able to run for 30 minutes straight!

Good job with the eating too!

Vickii said...

I bought my weights yesterday and I'm taking them home today .... I'm excited!

Don't forget to take it easy today so that you're not in agony the rest of the week.

LondonBuki said...

LOL! You are excited? I hope they weren't too heavy.

Thank you :-) I took it easy tonight - dumbell training and situps. My butt hurts... I guess I am building the muscles :-)

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