Friday, April 20, 2007


1. I am going to have muesli for breakfast
2. Snack will be Oranges
3. I'll have rice (with shrimp and carrots) and Chicken for lunch.
4. Snack - 2 bananas
5. Dinner - Chicken Katsu Curry and fruit juice - Wagamama

Exercise - Just got back from a 25 minute power walk this morning with the leg weights... I felt it in my glutes and my thighs. People were staring at me (LOL!) and some school girls were giggling! As if they've never seen a beaurriful lady power walking! HaHa!

**REMEMBER: Eat FIVE times a day... Snack in between meals. Don't go too long without eating something. Try to drink at least 2 litres of water each day at regular intervals not all in one go. Try not to drink hot chocolate (only if you grow the cocoa in your back garden! LOL!!), coffee or tea (you can have herbal and green tea)**


Vickii said...

Hey, Like I said, I slacked a bit last night and didn't go running ... I did a 25 min power walk instead. Oh well.

I powerwalked with the weights today for 30 mins, I enjoyed it but you're right you can really feel the weights. It made me realise why it's easy to get unfit just by putting on a few pounds ... walking up hills with the weights was hard while normally I don't even realise I'm walking up a hill Lol.

Buky, are we running in the park tomorrow.

Waffy, I think you should also go for the gym leader thing ... it will be really good motivation not to stop going. How did you get on today?

LondonBuki said...

LOL! I hope you stretched well o... because the first time I used them I did not feel any pain until the next day!

Yeah we are running in the park... text me what time you are ok with and I promise I'll be on time. I'm having an early night today.

Waffarian said...

Hello my dear ladies, beautiful wonderful women, things are going well and I have you guys to thank for it! Thanks! So, again, I skipped breakfast, I know, I know, but I am so scattered in the mornings! I ate an apple and drank lots of water for lunch, came home home and made a big bowl of sallad for dinner, right now, I am munching on an apple and drinking camomille tea(don't worry, it says "free from caffein"), for my exercise, I did run 3 mins, walk 3 mins, do 4 times! My Ladies, thanks so much for the inspiration, I hope you guys have a lovely weekend!

Calabar Gal said...

I had some school girls like that too gigling at me in the park and imitating me when I ran past them. Made me wonder if I wasnt jogging properly or too slowly but dismissed them afterwards and continued my thing - to each his own. LOL!!

LondonBuki said...

@Waffy WELL DONE :-)
I know you'll work on the breakfast thing... ;-)
Wow... you will run all the way if you do the charity run this summer, I am so sure :-)

@CG They should laugh jare... we are the fit and healthy ones, abi? LOL!!!

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