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Saturday, May 12, 2007

TODAY I did a home workout for THIRTY minutes, Imust admit when I saw this workout, I didn't think it'd be hard... I was wrong:

Jabs(punch across, alternating. Hold in your stomach and involve your waist) across for TWO minutes
Push Ups for TWENTY seconds
Sit Ups for TWENTY seconds
Crunches for TWENTY seconds
Hard jogging on the spot for TWO minutes
I did this SIX times.

I always wondered how and why people worked out EVERYDAY... Didn't they get bored? Weren't they tired? Didn't they feel drained?

I must admit I ALWAYS said I will NOT workout everyday. I know I did the 21 day challenge but that was for only 21 days! After the challenge I decided I'll be working out 5-6 days a week.
I have been reading my Running for Women book and I bought a couple of Fitness/Running magazines while I was waiting FIVE hours for my flight at JFK airport. Looks like I might end up being one of 'those people' who work out everday... they key is to alternate, not to do the same thing OVER and OVER again...

A rough guideline for me is(Please note this is not FIXED, I am still working on it. This is in no particular order...):

1,2,3 - Run THREE times a week(One long run(more than an hour), One tempo run(short bursts e.g 3mins of increased pace, then a few minutes of relaxed running, REPEAT - this run shouldn't be less than 30 minutes) and One short EASY run(30 minutes))
4 - Interval training - Once a week

5 - Still undecided on this one: could be hill running or some other form of strength training, could be a timed 10k or 5k run, could be anything...
6,7 - Cross training i.e. completely different workout to what I normally do (RUNNING) - Home workout(I have SO MANY options), dumbell training, walking with leg weights, any form of exercise that is a change from running TWICE a week.

I need to work on my diet as well, with all this running and exercise, I need to stock up on my carbs, my calcium, iron and a whole load of vitamins and nutrients... and WATER. I think I don't drink enough water when running, I need to work on that. I will blog more about this...


Vickii said...

You this girl, this sounds hardcore! Like you said when you're alternating between exercises and not running everyday, it's easier to do some form of exercise everyday but I still think I definitely need rest days.

Hmmm, I might do that too, try and design a training plan that will carry me through the 5ks and then another one to get me through the 10ks and will also help my training for the half marathon!

Waffarian said...

Hi girls! I train everyday, I alternate between jogging, weightlifting, aerobics and riding my bicycle. The jogging I do more than others cos I am still following the schedule I got from Buki, so somtimes I get get to do two different forms in the day! How are you guys?

Vickii said...

Waffy seriously i have so much respect for you! Well done! I don't think I want to work out everyday but buki and I have decided to take our running much more seriously from now.

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