Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The races are coming up... Anyone who is really interested in running and taking good care of yourself (diet, running gear, training, etc), try to get the Running for Women book on my side bar (Vickii's find).

Vickii is taking part in all of the races with me except the 10k on the 7th of July, she says she'll come and support me, I hope she does :-) My friend Miss E is taking part in both 5ks as well and one Regents Park 10k race.

My best 10k time is 1 hour 6 minutes 31 seconds and my best 5k time is 31 minutes 27 seconds.

We are trying to set ourselves realistic goals so... for the 28th May 5k, we want to finish in less than 30 minutes, Vickii said 29 minutes 59 seconds will be good enough! LOL!!! Seriously, I think it can be done. I'll try to do 2 more interval trainings before the week.

For the 10k in July, I would like my time to be as close to one hour as possible... I know it can and will happen. I'll be running this race on my own so I'll look around for someone whose pace is similar to mine and keep up with him/her(most likely her, LOL!).

The next 10k... has to be less than an hour. IT HAS TO BE!

Race schedule so far
28th May - 5k

8th July - 10k
21st July - 5k
4th August - 10k
1st September - 10k
29th September - Half Marathon

I am going to do a home workout tomorrow morning...


Calabar Gal said...

A very busy race schedule it is indeed. I hope you and Vickii finish in less than 30 minutes too cos we al will be ever so proud of you.

Waffarian said...

Hi girls, long time! I have been under the weather and also so busy!I have lost 1 more kg! will update soon! By the way, Buki, how do you get music to play when you open up your blog? I want to put some music on my blog, can't figure it out!

Waffarian said...

Okay, I figured how to get it on my blog, problem is the full music isn't playing, just like 30 secs of it, I used the same one you had before, "imeem".

Waffarian said...

Okay, figured everything out! heheheheh, sorry for taking so much space!

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