Body Talk

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I did a home workout yesterday... for 25 minutes. Got in late, changed immediately and worked out. I know if I didn't do that, I most probably won't have worked out.

A few minutes ago, I was at the cafetaria and I saw this hotttt, delicious looking chicken pasta, I mentioned to my colleague that, as much as I would love to eat that, I'll be having a healthy baguette... and we went into the same old discussion - Oh you are trim and healthy, you know you can treat yourself once in a while, you exercise a lot, etc LOL!
I had to explain that I plan on eating a nice sumptuous dinner tomorrow and then some dessert after...

But... why do I really care this much about my body? It's actually annoying me now... honestly. I know I have to work hard to maintain this weight because if I let go, I can pile on all the weight I lost years ago but.. I gotta chill! LOL!

I will look for a hilly running route to run tonight... good luck to me.


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