Race week

Monday, July 02, 2007

I have a 10k race on Saturday, the 7th of July. It's kinda daunting because I will be running with experienced runners, most of whom will finish in 35 - 50 minutes... 1 hour will be fantastic for me but I am just trying to beat my best time: 1 hour 6 minutes. If I am done in an hour, wow!!!!

My plan for the week will be:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Slope Training(I am not saying Hill training cos I only run up a (barely) 50m ramp - I went to bed early on Monday night... heard my alarm go off and just couldn't be bothered! To make myself feel better - Instead of taking the bus, I walked 20 minutes from the train station to work. Training should still be done this evening.
**** I ended up doing a 1hour 5minute home workout... Warm-up, Squats, Lunges, dumbell exercises(I was admiring my biceps during my bicep curls, LOL!), ab exercises - TWICE.

Wednesday: Home workout - Cos I did a home workout yesterday, I did the slope training. Warmed up for 5 minutes, ran up and down the 50m slope 15 times and cooled down for 5 minutes. Took me a total of 25 minutes.
Thursday: Break

Friday: Interval Training
Saturday: 10k Race
Sunday: Rest

Once again, well done CG :-)

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Calabar Gal said...

Thanks girl and best wishes with ur race too.

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