Cough + Sore Throat = No Running

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Came from nowhere! My chest hurts as well... I went to Boots and someone recommended 'Covonia' - it tastes terrible but I hope it works.

I really wanted to check out the running club today, I guess I'll go next week Tuesday.

I will really take things easy this week cos Saturday and Sunday will be serious... our half marathon is round the corner!

The website STILL hasn't published the results of the race!

What??? Time: 01:06:28.2! Oh the Shame!!!! LOL! When am I going to go under an hour? When??? I blame Vickii, she wasn't at the race so I felt her absence and I was sad... LOL! Story!
After rejoicing that my time for the last race was actually 01:04:15.1... Terrible!

No joking anymore... NO MORE JOKING! I wasn't ill, I wasn't tired! I had no excuse, yeah it was a different route with hills but I should be able to run hills now!


Calabar Gal said...

Hope you get better soon. I know you will. U're a strong gal! (smile)

Ur time will improve. You'll get there. U know u will. In the twinkle of an eye. Dont beat urself over it. Better to finish than to end up injured dont u think? Keep ya head up gal!

I researched on that running club sometime ago too but its so far away. Want somewhere near me so I have no excuse to play truant.

Vickii said...

You this girl, you need to stop beating yourself up after every race!! 1 hr 6 minutes is great and 10k is more than most of us did by 10am that morning so be proud!!

Hope you get well soon!

Ms zee said...

you are being too hard on your self and I must say It is harder running without a running buddy or a pace maker....

I hope you feel better soon, try and get some rest, some chicken soup would help too and lots of fluids..


Ms-timi said...

Hope you feel better! You are my inpiration for a fitness blog...I also love your mummy monday series...
stop by and show a lil love!

Waffarian said...

Hey girls! I am back! I have missed you all! Calabar girl, I am especially proud of you! saw the pics on your blog! Hi Vicki, hi Buki(get well soon), gained a kilo from my naija trip, I am happy over that cos i seriously pigged out during the last week!

Take care, lots of love!

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