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Monday, August 06, 2007

I moved over the weekend :-)

The race - I need to wait for the results to be published on the page because I did not record an accurate time... LONG STORY.
I will not complain about the race ONLY the route was changed *sob* I had gotten so used to the normal route, knowing where the slopes were going to be... I think I didn't do better than my last 10k but I'll let you know what my time was once it's published.

Vickii mentioned joining a running club and the race on Saturday was organised by a running club. I am going for a run and discussion with them tomorrow... I need to really improve my times and I have a half marathon at the end of September!

No workout today cos I am not feeling 100%.

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Ms zee said...

awwwww dont be too hard on your self....I always tell myself this is for fun..... I sent you an email...

would call you when i get back from zzz land

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