Thursday, October 18, 2007


I must admit, yesterday's home workout was rubbish... less than 20 minutes. I got home after seeing Mummy, cooked my lunch for today, decided to put some stuff in my hair while exercising, before I knew it, it was 10pm already! I had to hurry up, wash my hair, condition it and air dry it... it took forever. Thank God I walked to and from work, 20 minutes each way so I don't feel like I didn't do any exercise yesterday.

Breakfast: A huge bowl of Muesli with 2 small bananas cut up in it.
Snack: 2 pears

Lunch: Rice, chicken stew and vegetables
Snack: Yogurt and Fruit
Dinner: Tuna(no mayo) and tomatoes in a brown baguette

Exercise: HOME WORKOUT and of course my 40minute(total) walk to and from the station.


kemi said...

My whole body hurts!!!!

LondonBuki said...

Pele... :-) It's already day 4, time flies!

I hope you are stretching after your workouts o... And remember they can be for as little as 30 minutes, don't stress youor body too much.

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