Friday, October 19, 2007


I enjoyed my home workout yesterday... it was only 30 minutes but it was hardwork and fun. I warmed up for 5 minutes(walking, knee raises, bending my knees, etc), squats(40), hip(or something) lifts... did a 100 jumps with my skipping rope(jumping with both feet together), bicep curls, shoulder raises, 150 jumps on skipping rope, crunches, leg raises, 150 jumps on skipping rope... cool down and STRETCH. I got the idea of skipping in between sets of exercise from my new purchase :-)

Breakfast: Plain Bagel(no filling or spread) and a small tub of yoghurt
Snack: Pear and Banana
Lunch: Rice, Vegetables and Chicken
Snack: Fruit(will edit once I've had this)
Dinner: Omelette(with a lot more vegetables than egg. I used one yolk and threw out the rest... yummmy and healthy)

Exercise: 30 minute Home workout(ofcourse I'm gonna use my skipping rope again :-) Loved it)

P.S. I am learning so much from the book, I will ofcourse share as I go along.


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