Monday, October 22, 2007


Breakfast: Muesli and Bananas
Snack: An orange
Lunch: Stir fried potatoes, chopped sausages, chopped tomatoes, peppers and chicken... yummm(I ENDED UP EATING OUT COS SOMEONE LEFT THE COMPANY TODAY - MEAT, MEAT, VEG and MORE MEAT...)
Snack: 2 Pears
Dinner: More fruit... All that meat is still in my tummy, I am too full.
Exercise: 30 minute Home workout.

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Vickii said...

How is it going Buki? You know that I haven't run in two weeks .. I'll live fitly (yes I know it's not a word) through you for now! Well done oh! And your lunch that you didn't have today sounds amazing!

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