Still keeping fit

Monday, July 07, 2008

I am currently 153lbs and I have been for over a month now... I am not to stressed about my weight... If I can lose 2lbs, fine... if not, as long as I don't put on any more weight... I am okay.
I was in America for 10 days and I ran 3 times... :-)

I got back and was lazy for almost 2 weeks then last week, after eating like a goat during my birthday weekend, I ran Mon-Wed and Friday mornings... I took the weekend and today off and tomorrow- back to business.

I have a 5k race (Race For Life, Regents Park) on the 19th of July and I know a handful of people who will be at the race... should be fun.

I don't think I will be updating this blog as often as I used to BUT I will definitely update after races... :-)

I will keep on keeping fit and trying to eat wel

Hope everyone's well...


Standtall said...

How I wish I can be as fit as u r. Hmmmmmm. If only I will exercise.

Nice dicovering ur blog after have read one or two thing abt u from other blogs. But I am just coming across one of ur comments on Vera's blog actually since I joined blogville in January. U went AWOL?

Standtall said...

All the best in ur forthcoming race. It falls on my 1yr wedding anniversary and it is sure a good sign for your success mi-lady

Waffarian said...

Good luck know you are the reason I ever thought I could keep fit...lots of love. Please keep updating oh! abeg.

LondonBuki said...

Thanks Standtall.. :-) It might be hard to get into an exercise routine but once you do, it's not so hard to stick to it.

No I didn't go AWOL... just wasn't doing blog rounds like I used to before...

Thank you and congrats on your 1 yr wedding anniversary!

Thanks Waffy :-) I'll try my best to... I'll always share race news, tips, etc for sure :-) Hope you're good :-)

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