Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'll be taking part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon on the 11th of October, I'm going to start training for it in July.

I still work out 5 times a week...
Some people ask me, "Do you work out everyday?"
I respond, "No, just Mondays to Fridays or sometimes I skip one of those days and go on Saturdays"

Okay... sometimes I go Mon-Fri and Saturdays (maybe once every 4-6 weeks) BUT I don't go everyday, LOL. I know it sounds ridiculous but I love it! I am learning to listen to my body, if I feel I'm overdoing it, I take a break. It is hard when you are really into your exercise but you have to take a break when your body demands it.

I do a mix of cardio, weights/resistance, endurance... and I have made really good friends at the gym and we work out together often... So, you see, I can't get bored :-)

I had a 30 minute boxing session yesterday (follwed by a 1hr outdoor class) and although I woke up aching this morning, I LOVED it... looks like I've found yet another love in the Fitness world - Boxing :-)

I don't think I am as skinny as this picture on my left sidebar, a couple of my friends
saw it and said I looked "sick, too skinny". I might not be as slim but I think I'm starting to love the shape I'm in...

December '08:

May '09:
I'm really getting more and more into my fitness... I might be training you soon.

Hope you are all well... I will try to blog more often now...


kuesooM said...

Girl, you are FIT already! Let me know ur training schedule, I'm a month ahead of u with the dam to dam....not getting any easier!

Abimars said...

looking really good!

LondonBuki said...

kuesooM: Thank you :-) I'll put up my training schedule soon. Leep training :-)

Abimars: Thank you :-)

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