Wimbledon Runs and Sue Ryder Care's 'Beat the Baton'

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wimbledon Runs - Read an earlier post HERE for Details. I spoke to the event organiser and he said, as long as I/you arrive by 8.45, it should be ok. Remember it's FREE so you have nothing to lose! Maybe your breath... HAHAHAHA!!! I am so NOT funny, it hurts.

About Sue Ryder Care, the organisers of Beat the Baton... I decided to take part in the race cos the idea sounds like fun! Live orchestra throughout the whole race? That's different, in a good way! I spent a few minutes reading about the charity and I lifted this from there, word for word:

"Sue Ryder Care supports people with a wide range of neurological diseases and life-limiting illnesses, as well as their families, carers and friends both in this country and abroad.We work in the community, for the community, with the community. The
range of services include long-term and respite residential care, day care centres and home care"

As some may know, my Mummy suffered a brain haemorrhage a few years ago (neurological) and she is currently in a nursing home (life-limiting). I pray everyday for her full recovery and I believe she will be well, In Jesus' Name (AMEN!).
So... I'll be running for my Mummy, believing, in a few year's time, she will run the race with me!!! :-)

The race is on the 28th of May - Bank Holiday Monday... read more about it HERE.

I should be going running this evening and if I am too lazy to blog about it tonight, I will do so tomorrow.


Vickii said...

I've signed up!!! I'm running for your mum too!

Vickii said...

I just noticed the wimbeldon common runs are going on every saturday all the way into the summer ... I'd like to do as many as I can, it's good motivation to go running on saturday.

LondonBuki said...

Yipeeee!!! :-)

I'll see how long it takes to get to Wimbledon on Saturday... then take it from there. It looks like a bit of a journey, if I can find a 5k that's central, that will be good.

I got my training pack for Beat The Baton...

Delilah 3 said...

i applaud your courage, londonbuki. i pray your mum gets well. my heart prays for you too. keep up the good work.

law_damsel said...

@london buki, abeg i want 2 sign up 4 dis things im really interested, i want 2 lend out my hand..more info pls, u must be fit oh all dis running

LondonBuki said...

@Delilah3 Thank you :-) AMEN!!! Thanks for dropping by.

@Law_Damsel Email me at buki_blogger@yahoo.co.uk Let me know what info you need. Thanks for dropping by.

bimbylads said...

u r soo motivated!! stay blessed sweetie.. ill support u and mummy in prayers.. keep us posted OK..

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