Thursday, April 26, 2007

DAY 15
*I didn't do the V yesterday cos I left my Mummy late. I walked really fast from the station to my house and squats when I got home. How lame is that? I read somewhere that a little workout is better than none :-) *

1. Breakfast - Fruit and Fibre and a banana.
2. Snack - strawberries and grapes.
3. Lunch - Jollof Rice, Chicken and Veg.
4. Snack - Apple and Banana.
5. Dinner - an omelette with loads of vegetables.

Exercise - I just got back from Interval training, I feel good now but didn't while I was suffering!
Warm up - Jogged for 8 minutes to a football pitch
Ran 2 sides(~150 metres) of the pitch HARD and walked one side(50m or 100m). Did this TEN TIMES
Jogged for 8 minutes home.

It was really good although I was so so tired by the 7th 150m. Then, I sprinted the 10th 150 metres! :-)

**REMEMBER: Eat FIVE times a day... Snack in between meals. Don't go too long without eating something. Try to drink at least 2 litres of water each day at regular intervals not all in one go. Try not to drink hot chocolate (only if you grow the cocoa in your back garden! LOL!!), coffee or tea (you can have herbal and green tea)**


Waffarian said...

Just wanted to let you girls know that I have lost 3 kgs since we started this, I think all came from my stomach heheheheheheh! Just weighed myself, wanted to share, I ll be back at night to write about my day! hehehehehehh

LondonBuki said...

@Waffy WELL DONE You! I am proud of you o.

Although I am happy for you, I still don't want to hear you saying you did not eat breakfast o! So eat breakfast tomorrow!

Well done again!

Vickii said...

Well done Waffy!!! I bet you're so pleased with yourself ... that is so impressive! To be honest, I'm very impressed with your eating habits, you are very healthy!!

I did the homework out today for about 35 minutes and I really enjoyed it. Got to use my new handweights for the first time too.

Waffarian said...

Thank you girls! I am telling you, I have been smiling all day! hehehehehh, Breakfast: fresh carrot juice(decided i want "glow for summer") and an apple, green tea, lunch: kidney beans with spinach and eggs, dinner: sallad. Exercise: I hr weightlifting class.

I can't believe its day 15 already! what are we going to do after this? you girls have got me started oh! heheheheheheh

~Mimi~ said...

Hey dear!!!!!! I love fruit and fibre and banana. Was just wondering,do u cut your banana into pieces and put it into ur fruit and fibre and add milk on top??its fabulous!!! u should try it if you haven't already..
then putting any other fruit in it as well, like cutting pieces of apple or strawberries :)

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